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My role in the MTR Express project was as lead UX Designer, working tightly with partner MTR Express bringing IT solutions to their business. My involvement with MTR Express span over various solutions, from website and e-commerce driven product development to train crew handheld tools using smartphones and apps.

Commercial app for customers

MTR Express wanted to create an app for iPhone and Android. Our team created an app that could serve as a complement to the website but also be a interface for customers to use for their travel. All the way from finding the right trip to finding the café menu while being onboard the train.

Website with e-commerce focus

My UX design work with MTR Express has been very focused on the E-commerce platform and booking tickets. The work consisted of trying out new layouts and content, using A/B testing. Fun fact – MTR Express was the first train company in Sweden to provide free seating while booking your ticket.

Onboard crew app

The onboard crew use a smartphone with apps custom for the work they are doing, spanning from selling tickets and keeping track of passengers to train driver support.



I’m available for all type of UX and design projects – no matter the size.